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NowWhat Coaching and Education emboldens individuals, teams and organizations to genuinely grow and succeed in important transitions and endeavors.

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My work is a commitment to creative, kind, resilient ways
of leading and being in the world.

— Tamilla Mahkamova, Founder Nowwhat

Who is it for?

Learning Organizations

Welcome and lead personal and professional growth in a creative
impactful manner.


Learning Organizations

Welcome and lead change
in a creative and warm manner.


High-impact Millennials

Move forward in your career discovering more of who you are and where you are going.


Curious senior leaders and executives

Take time to invest in your own renewal and find new ways to leave a legacy.


Small business owners and entrepreneurs

Embrace mercy and courage to grow your business and rise from setbacks.


What people say about my work?

Tamilla has been a challenging and supportive sparring partner when my career reached a T-crossing and the summit seemed far. It was insightful and a pleasure at the same time to question the status quo and to reflect frequently on the steps made. Yes, the next camp has been reached on the way to the summit.

Ulf Munack

General Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Norway


I have come to know Tamilla as a very knowledgeable and persuasive power lady, with a strong drive to move transformation forward whilst keeping an eye for all people involved. For any leader out there driving transformation within his/her company, Tamilla is THE person to go to, not only to seek advice but to help build a strong organizational framework using the maximum potential of all those involved.

Nancy Rademaker

International Keynote Speaker


It was great to work with you Tamilla! You are always positive at the same time that you challenge and change and improve things!

Andrea Sambati

President and CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim Canada


Keep spreading your authenticity and charisma and thanks a lot for inspiring all of us!

Joan Andres Ribas

Head of HR Services, Boehringer Ingelheim


What makes my offering unique?

Over the last 15 years, I have been developing people and organizations in senior HR, OD and Transformation roles in a corporate and non-profit environment through East and West.

As a non-conventional coach, consultant, educator, I serve people and organizations at the intersection of Psychology, Human Resources, Change Management, Organizational Development and Mindfulness.

Integer means whole. I non-restrictively strive for wholeness of my personality and clarity of thoughts, words and actions. My compassion and understanding of human nature comes from my own continuous loop of learning, practicing, reflecting on my life journey.

I believe my service will bring value to people.

There is no one clear path. You need to find yours.

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