You are

driven to grow within and outside your organization and create impact with your career.

Small business owner and entrepreneur

You can be hands-on pragmatic business owner looking to grow into the next level of leadership maturity. You can be imaginative entrepreneur working on getting your heart-project off the ground.
Recognize, when you need extra support and tools.

My conversations with Tamilla accelerate my understanding of where I can grow. Sharp observations and challenging questions are the growth catalysts. Tamilla is one of the few people I know who is eager to develop herself constantly in a universal and integrated way. She brings a fresh and surprising perspective to your development. If you’re open minded, you’ll embrace her work. For your next step. In full clarity.

Casper Smeets

Founder 7D

Now what?

There is a number of questions that can be meaningful to explore. How to strengthen your personal power and effectiveness? How to be at your best in multiple contexts? How to continue to move creatively through building your own project and business? Or you just give me a better question. I can become your companion in thinking both big and pragmatic and keep advancing in an adaptive way.

How does it work?

Step 1


Let’s talk and explore what you seek. I want to understand your big as well as practical questions.

Step 2


I will suggest how I can support you in a good and flexible way. It can be a series of one-to-one sessions or a single deep dive up to three hours.

Step 3

Work & See Results

I love working with creatives and wish for you to continue showing up creatively. From time to time, you would need a dose of a sensitive, helpful, positive, tough, and fun sparring partnership.  

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