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driven to grow within and outside your organization and create impact with your career.

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You understand that investment in emotional and relational competence is critical for success of modern business, education, society. You know that we must be able to do hard and beautiful things in a human way.

- Great talk, please get more of this into our school, as the topics Tamilla was covering are super important!
- I learned a lot about myself today.
- One of the best events. Really useful, really fun. Very interactive.
- It helped me to clarify how the place I would like to work at looks like. 

Students of 42 Heilbronn

Tuition-free coding school with an alternative learning model

Now what?

Bring something extra to your business meetings, leadership and team off-sites, educational events or conferences. In insightful workshops and talks, I build on the practices of leading scientists, CEOs, business trainers, philosophers, and wisdom teachers. Based on the context and aspiration, I create impactful sessions that are remembered and appreciated, even by professional skeptics.

Themes around Emotional and Relational Competence and Change Literacy we can dive into: 

Deepening Self-Awareness for desired Self-Transformation.

Deepening Organizational Awareness and your stand on the Future of Work.

Overcoming Immunity to Change

(Re)building Trust and Collaboration

Navigating Difficult Conversations with Dignity

Practicing JEDI (Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and Leading in the Age of Employee Activism

How does it work?

Step 1


It is important for me to understand your needs, context and overarching aspirations you are working towards.

Step 2


I will verify the scope of assignment and the right session that fits the purpose.

Step 3

Co-creation & Work

Whether one a series of sessions, I will work with you to upgrade you knowledge of self and others, expand perspectives, generate energizing options to move forward.

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