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driven to grow within and outside your organization and create impact with your career.

Curious senior leader
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You are an experienced leader going through a challenging transition in your professional life. Or you aspire to reach new horizons in a new role. It is not the first time, yet you recognize you might need extra support.

It’s hard to stay objective when you are being held back from promotion by what seems to you like reasons that are not logical. Tamilla coached me to gain and sustain that objectivity for more than a year until I finally got to the position that I so passionately wanted. During this time Tamilla suggested creative strategic solutions to turn the situation around. I was like a swan, calm and composed on the outside and frustrated on the inside. Tamilla helped me to sustain that swan like composure for so long.

Amy Arthur

General Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

Now what?

Senior leaders and executives have many jobs to be done within the organizations, while demonstrating strength, direction, resilience. This is an amazing privilege. And at times a lonely position, too. To seek professional support in reflecting, discovering new angles, planning the next wise steps is a sign of a balanced self-awareness and openness to learn and get better at any age.

How does it work?

Step 1


We can connect via phone/videoconference to get to know each other and your needs.

Step 2


I have been working with senior leaders over the last 10 years and especially keen on supporting them further. I offer a trusted companionship in a series of one-to-one sessions.

Step 3

Work & See Results

Working together towards your desired goals, we will strengthen your personal and relational competencies as well as capacities to influence organizations positively.

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